It's Tough On The Frontlines!

"Without the help we received through your ministry, I know we wouldn't be on the field today."

New and complex challenges confront the Great Commission today. Global ministries face heightened pressures and demands of all kinds. They encounter changes at such a pace that effective strategies are hard to find and maintain.

Organizations, structures, policies, and personnel prepared at home do not survive when tested by the realities in the field.

Without the right tools and support, organizations struggle, and their workers become discouraged, exhausted, vulnerable, ineffective, or wounded – and many simply quit.

Faced with these difficulties, you want to do what is necessary to equip your organization and personnel . . . and we can help!

Our essential services are proven to give Christian organizations and their workers tools crucial for effective long-term ministry.

We are pleased to offer a special service called the Highlands Ability Battery.

Click HERE for more information on this invaluable service.

Services Provided

Providing professional training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing for the development and care of Christian Mission organizations and their members.

Mission Agencies & Leaders

Ministry Teams

Responsive & Proactive Services

Training Sessions

Ministry Location for On-Field Personnel

Cost of Services