We are here to help...

Culture is changing. We intend to stay ahead of the curve in a changing world.

In our generation, the proportion of singles in the adult population has greatly increased in many cultures around the world – some of which are now marriage minority cultures. As a result, new missionary candidates and missionary teams are increasingly single. We are thrilled that this new generation of workers is taking up the challenge to declare God’s glory to the nations.

We know that mission organizations must be prepared to be good stewards of these new candidates, fully benefit from their unique contributions, empower them, and integrate them into their teams and ministries.As an initiative of One Another Ministries, Shoulder to Shoulder strives to encourage, equip and enable single workers to thrive in ministry, secure in their identity in Christ.

As Zephaniah 3:9 portrayed the armies of the Lord going forth to proclaim His name to the nations, they did it more effectively marching “shoulder to shoulder.” Our
desire is to see teams and organizations do the same with “more strength, more power, more effectiveness.”

Shoulder to Shoulder hosts retreats, conferences, consultations and instructional events to better inform and resource Christian workers and leaders.

Reaching our changing world and growing and developing our organizations are daunting tasks unless we do them together.

One of the blessings of being a Christian is that God allows us to make choices. Freedom to choose sets us apart from other cultures and religions. In God’s family, the power to choose also leaves us with the responsibility of stewardship. With His help and direction, God allows us to choose how we invest our lives and resources.

Who We Are...

The Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) initiative began in 2009 when a small group of experienced mission leaders gathered to seek ways to empower, equip, and encourage single missionaries serving in Europe.

We are a multi-agency initiative choosing to use our time, energy and resources to come alongside all missionaries serving as front line Great Commission workers. Our name comes from Zephaniah 3:9: “So that all may serve the Lord shoulder to shoulder.” Our very name evokes a picture of mutual commitment and strength — no one more or less important, regardless of their role or status.

What We Have Done...

Our efforts have focused on empowering, equipping, and encouraging single missionaries and those who serve with them. Our venues have varied from retreats to consultations; from personal interviews to gatherings for international leaders.

We have gathered this spiritual army to help them serve from a place of strength. We’ve made ourselves and resources available to individuals and organizations. S2S has engaged teams and leaders.

We have developed resources ranging from articles, DVD series, study guides, blog posts, good books and opportunities for community. The result is ministries positively impacted.

Why are you important to the task?

You can make a difference by giving funds to help:

  • Provide resources to individuals, teams and organizations. Strengthened individuals make a difference in these “Corinth like cultures” of Europe.

  • Your gifts will yield exponential investment as these workers grow in understanding, secure in their identity in Christ, and find joy sharing Scriptural principles to those they teach and disciple.

  • Through your generosity, we can expand our efforts. Our vision leads us to ask for your partnership and help with our 2016 budget. Please review our budget at right and pray about the following opportunties.

Would you consider investing in S2S?

Please consider helping us by choosing a portion or a segment of the budget, or sharing this with a small group, a Sunday School class, a church, or a family. The
dividends on your investment will be great. Blessings as you strengthen us to serve.

How to give: You provide your tax-deductible gifts online by visiting our “Donate” page here and select “Shoulder to Shoulder” in the drop down list.