Irene Lange

Irene Lange has faithfully served in some of the most difficult situations in the world today including Haiti, the Sudan, and rural Kenya. In addition to direct evangelism, her ministry with her husband, Rick, has included such things as development and community health care.

Irene served several year as full-time staff member with the One Another team. She continues to be one of our faithful directors.

Rick Lange Memorial

One person who definitely made a difference in our ministry is Rick Lange. Rick went home to be with his Lord November 29, 2010 following a long and courageous battle with cancer.

As one of the founding members of the Board of Directors, Rick has provided insight and guidance that have focused and shaped this ministry since its inception.

Read more about the life of purpose and meaning that Rick lived. To perpetuate the vision and work of Rick’s life, memorial gifts can be made to One Another Ministries.

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Irene's Latest Newsletter

Dear Ones

"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light" Psalm 36:9 A number of years ago I was introduced to "Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence". Today's entry discusses a number of issues: waiting on the Lord; listening to His voice; being still in His presence; running ahead of God; patience (oh my, how difficult that word is!); walking in the Light with Him.
The entry begins with, "I am preparing you for what is on the road ahead, just around the bend."

This past 14 months have been an incredible journey with the Lord.  As you know, I returned to the US in November to attend a board meeting and visit churches and family, with the intent of returning to England at the end of December. A visit to my doctor revealed both my knees were so badly damaged that my choice was either replace them or wheelchair (a rather obvious choice!). In January I had bilateral knee replacements.

Unfortunately, on the same date as the operation, I found I was supposed to show up, in person, to the British immigration service to renew my visa. Immigration law in Britain states that if one is not there, in person, then a year's wait follows before applying for a new work visa. Interestingly, the doctors informed me, after the operation, that is usually takes up to a year before one walks normally....God knew what was just around the bend!

During this year, I have been able to learn to walk again (really!) and I have an incredible respect for physical therapy personnel.  Being able to climb stairs is a joy. I have been able to finish a couple of projects that I had been holding off.  I was able to help my father-in-law empty out and sell his condo (He turned 101 years old this year). God has allowed me to minister to a number of individuals both here in the US and in England by email and phone. My prayer life has grown tremendously!!

This past year has also brought heartache as my oldest brother, Art, passed away just before Christmas with complications from a heart operation. I will be attending his celebration of life service on Jan. 3. God was there as our family "rounded that bend".

The One Another ministry team in England has been blessed tremendously with opportunities to minister to pastors, missionaries, and mission organizations in and around Europe. And their calendar is filling up for the beginning of 2015.  Another blessing was the incredible fast renewal of three visa renewals that will enable the team to meet future obligations.  Our Lord met them "just around the bend".

As I meet my Lord, "just around the bend", I will be reapplying for a work visa in England. I can officially apply on January 28, 2015 and would appreciate your prayers for this.  England recently has been denying visas for missionary workers (not sure why). Pray that the visa would come through quickly along with the sponsorship required by England.
Please pray for increased financial support as my requirements through the mission have increased this past year.
I ask prayer for my family as we meet on January 3. Pray for salvation for those who do not know our Lord, for strength for Art's wife, Mary and his family, and wisdom for future choices and changes in their lives. Pray my family will come to know that with Jesus is the fountain of life; and that they will understand that in Him we see light.

I want you to know that I thank our Lord daily for the way all of you have continued with your dear support.  Your prayers are such a blessing to me.  I pray that this New Year will bring you grace, strength in Him, a renewed vision of what He has prepared for your life, and a knowledge that "Jesus is just around the bend" to walk with you.