The Highlands Ability Battery

God has built us with incredible variety — different ways of learning, interacting, deciding and communicating. When we function in accordance with how we are created, stress and frustration seem to melt away, and fulfillment and effectiveness can go through the roof. 

One Another Ministries helps international Christian workers discover their unique design, allowing them to find the right ministry fit and carry it out in the best possible way.

A key tool in this process is the Highlands Ability Battery, which:

  • Defines Individual Abilities
  • Promotes Self-Understanding
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Guides Educational Choices
  • Optimizes Career Options
  • Assesses Occupational Satisfaction
  • Leads to Success and Self-Fulfillment

How does it work?

Who will benefit?

Almost everyone can benefit from the Highlands Ability Battery. 

  • International workers wanting to assess areas of strength and enhance ministry effectiveness
  • Those navigating a transition
  • Leaders wanting to relieve work stress, set goals and develop long-range career strategies
  • Ministry teams desiring  to enhance productivity, team building, and leadership development
  • Students (and those paying their tuition) trying to make informed educational and career decisions, and to squeeze the greatest return out of every hour of study.

No matter who you are or what stage of career you are in, you can count on your ability profile to be a practical, objective way to provide direction and focus.

Services Provided

Providing professional training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing for the development and care of Christian Mission organizations and their members.

Mission Agencies & Leaders

Ministry Teams

Responsive & Proactive Services

Ministry Location for On-Field Personnel

Cost of Services

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You may also read their brochure HERE in PDF format.

What is the cost?

One Another Ministries provides the Highlands Ability Battery to ministry personnel and their families at a special ministry price of $270 for the first family member and $220 for additional family members. If you would like to talk with a team member about scheduling an assessment and consultation, please write to:


To donate to help us make this test available to moreindividuals, go to our DONATE PAGE and select this option under either One-Time or Monthly Donation options.