Dorcas L. Harbin

Dorcas earned an M.A. in Counseling in addition to degrees in Missions and Christian Education. She has 44 years of extensive experience in Christian ministry and corporate administration, including counseling, missions, teaching, market research and corporate training.

She has ministered in over 40 countries and spent several years using the international context of New York City to mobilize youth in missions.

Her involvement with ministry projects around the world has given her a unique awareness of the challenges of missionaries, and her life demonstrates an ability to minister to their needs through encouragement, training and consulting.

Dorcas serves as the ministry's Executive Vice President, a counselor, and as Treasurer. She also serves on the executive committee of Shoulder to Shoulder, an initiative of One Another committed to encouraging and equipping single servants in Europe and beyond.

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Ministry Update

Greetings from Central Virginia, where summer is certainly upon us. But these warmer temperatures will change for me in a few hours as I return home to the U.K. later today. The packing is complete – boarding passes printed, and while there will always be more to do, I am eager to see my colleagues, neighbors, and church family there.

God’s plans are best: These past six months have brought about many changes for me and I continue to praise God for placing me on this side of the Pond during these critical times . It was so very good to be here during Mother’s illness and her passing, and especially to be with other family members. I am reminded "my times are in your hands, oh Lord!"

Connecting: It has been good to see many of you recently, whether in the churches, Bible studies, Sunday school classes or homes I have visited. I am grateful for each pastor who allowed me to report and say "thank you" to their flock. I am especially thankful for technology that allowed me to be with some of you "virtually"via Skype. Isn't it amazing how God brings us together for mutual encouragement? We all have a part in His Kingdom work. I am privileged to serve in Europe and beyond and thankful for each who make that possible.

Happy birthday, One Another!  We celebrated our 20th ministry anniversary on July 7th. What a journey of blessings it has been since 1997.  Some of you have been with me in prayer and encouragement since the very beginning. Bless you! We have chosen to celebrate this milestone in Lynchburg, VA this October in conjunction with our annual board meeting. If you are in the area, I will look forward to seeing you for our anniversary dinner on Thursday, October 12, 2017. More information will follow soon, but save the date! I’d love to see you there with us.

Reflection: As I have had extra time with my family (following Mother's passing), I've also had some good chats with my 94 year old Dad. I have listened to him reminisce (he and Mother would have been married 72 years Friday, July 14th), and I appreciate the stories I'm hearing. One in particular was of him attending his Grandfather's funeral as a 5 year old boy and hearing the hymn "Jesus, Savior, pilot me." It is amazing he remembers that event. I have been blessed by the words of that song that seem so appropriate for our day. It could easily be the prayer for missionaries serving in dangerous places today, or working with refugees who are displaced. When we choose to obey God's voice and calling, it is an uncertain journey -- but one with a certain destination of Heaven and a trustworthy Savior to guide and pilot us home.

What’s ahead? In addition to planning our anniversary celebration, the S2S executive committee will gather for our annual planning meeting in a few weeks. Pray for their travel to England and our time together. We will be looking at our gathering this November, once again in Guernsey. Pray we will be able to receive those who have not previously attended so we can bless them also. And ask God if He would have you help us with scholarships for those with limited income or coming from areas where travel is costly. The combination of good teaching, worship, equipping and encouraging will help them serve more effectively over the long term.

And we will continue to serve those whom God is sending our way. Pray for our wisdom, discernment, and compassion for those we help. Pray for them and their places of service – that God would minister deeply to them so His light will shine brighter through them.  And ask God to provide for us  -- both finances and personnel. 

Join me now in praying for this homeward journey, for safety as I travel to Raleigh, NC for departure, smooth passage, perhaps a restful flight, and for a good transition back home. And please remember my Dad and family here in Virginia.  Ask God to strengthen them.

Thank you for helping me care for those who care for the world.


Two quick updates: 


1.)  Your prayers really mattered, and here is a quick update to tell you how important they were for me, and how good of God to protect this morning in Paris!

I made it safely to Raleigh Durham airport and was blessed with an upgrade to Comfort Plus on Delta, meaning a little extra leg room -- both nice and unexpected.  In addition, I had the entire row, so that was really a comfortable trip.  However we were 1 hour and 45 minutes late departing due to storms and incoming air traffic.  My connection in Paris was tight, so I anticipated I might not make my flight there.  We were fortunate to make up some time going over, but arrived Paris an hour later than scheduled.  It was the "mad dash" as folks disembarked to get through customs and on to their connecting flights. 

But as we entered Terminal 2 E in Charles de Gaulle, the police stopped us (and hundreds of passengers) as there was a bomb scare.  As the questions were flying at the policemen, one finally called out "Remember Brussels!"  That shut down any possible complaints from the passengers.  As time passed, I had such peace knowing I would likely miss my flight but would just get a later one if nothing serious occurred.  That was a direct answer to your prayers. 

The clearance came, we all went through customs and on to our gates.  When I arrived, my flight to Birmingham had not left yet, and actually, that flight was over an hour late, so I made it safely home an hour later, but protected!  

Your specific intercession was honored and I am grateful and happy to be in my little home, and reunited with my team.  I wanted to thank you because God granted the assurance that He was in control and the peace was real.

2.)  A reminder -- for those who had my mobile number, that is no longer valid after my departure, so please don't try to reach me at that number (434-818-2975), including no texts, etc.    However, my British mobile is working now, so from the US you would dial: 011-44-7972-911728

Bless you and praise Him for answered prayer!  




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