Dr. Walt Stuart
Member Care Counselor and Consultant, CrossWorld
Co-founder and Counselor, Famille Je t’Aime (France)

One Another Ministries is not just another place to go for counseling, training and/or debriefing, although all of these are vital to prepare and maintain healthy, well-balanced and holy missionaries. No, One Another Ministries is people full of compassion, Christ-likeness and competent in what they do.

One Another offers cups of water to the down trodden while listening to their hearts, not just their words, helping to heal their wounds. They speak the truth in love and speak words of hope and restoration. They are invested.

This is why I’ve referred weary and broken missionaries to “One Another Ministries.” I know
the quality of love and care that goes into each intervention and training session. Each person is
treated in a way which honors that individual as a child and servant of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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