Dr. H.B. London
Founder and President, H.B.London Ministries
Pastor to Pastors Emeritus, Focus on the Family

As I observe the work of One Another, I am convinced that they fill a niche of serving international Christian workers that sets them apart from others in the field. Their unselfish commitment to God’s servants in more than 100 countries, through sending organizations both large and small, is magnified through an “up close and personal” approach. They not only go the field where a need is discovered, they open their doors for those in need to come to them.

As I look at the list of countries where they are involved, I see many places that, due to the challenges, might be overlooked by other organizations seeking an easier assignment. I am not only impressed by the work of One Another, I am blessed by the opportunity to speak and pray on their behalf.

International Board of Reference