What training and experience do your
staff members have?

All One Another team members have both training and considerable experience, both in their area of professional specialty and in cross-cultural ministry. Those working as counselors all have Master Degrees or higher in Counseling Psychology or closely related fields from regionally accredited institutions.

Will you prescribe medications for me?

No, we do not prescribe medications.

Do you practice biblical counseling?

Our staff counselors are dedicated Christians who are trained and experienced both in international ministry and in professional counseling. Our perspective is thoroughly biblical – we believe, uphold, and apply God's Word in every area of our lives, teaching, counseling, and ministry. Since we accept God's Word as the ultimate authority in our lives, we summarily reject anything that is contrary to the truth God has revealed in His Word.

With regard to choice of therapy techniques, we endeavor to be responsibly eclectic applying the technique that has proven to be the most effective with the problem or issue at hand. The kinds of issues encountered in cross-cultural ministry often call for the application of techniques drawn from, among others, the crisis intervention model, systems theory, and cognitive-behavioral techniques (understanding that beliefs will influence actions which can then lead to certain emotions).