What kind of services do you provide?

One Another offers a full range of both proactive and responsive professional services to international Christian organizations and their personnel using a shortterm intensive model. This includes such things as training, leadership consulting, debriefing, crisis and conflict management, and counseling. For full details of services, please refer to the Services Page.

Who can receive services from One Another?

One Another provides services to international Christian organizations and their personnel: individuals, couples, families, and ministry teams.

Should my spouse come with me?

We strongly suggest that everyone directly involved in the issue be present. If your issue is strictly personal, it may be appropriate to come alone. But if your spouse is also directly involved in the situation, we would suggest they attend with you.

May we bring our children with us?

Normally, no. We have found that in order to accomplish as much as possible in a very limited amount of time, people need to be able to focus totally on their reasons for being with us. This process is seriously impeded if people are doing anything else during the same week – including trying to do any other work, make contacts with anyone else, or needing to focus on parenting. Because of this we ask everyone to make other arrangements for the care of their children, and not plan to do any other work during the time you are with us.

Children are allowed to accompany their parents and participate in the process only when they are directly involved in the issue being addressed. One example of this might be a debriefing for the entire family following a emergency evacuation.

What type of arrangements do most people make for their children?

Most workers make arrangements with a colleague or close friend on the field. When this is not possible, they often make arrangements for a family member or close friend from home to stay with the children while the parents are with us. They find the long-term benefit far outweighs the short-term expense.

Do you provide long-distance counseling (e.g., by phone, Skype, or online)?

No, as a general rule we do not provide counseling online or by phone or Skype. The only exceptions to this would be brief meetings either in preparation for or as follow-up after face-to-face sessions.

Does anyone in your ministry specialize in treating sexual addiction?

No, we do not specialize in treating sexual addiction. We offer help to Christian workers dealing with many different issues – including addictions and other issues relating to their sexuality. Thankfully, over the years of offering these services, we have seen many who were struggling with these very issues rebuild their lives, relationships, and families. During their time with us, those who seek help through our ministry can gain new insights and tools that help them deal with their struggles, and come away with clear plans and strategies for the future – including plans for follow-up and accountability. When we believe it would be beneficial or appropriate, we will make a referral to another qualified professional.