How do I schedule time with a One Another staff member?

You may contact One Another by email at or by calling

  • (USA) +1 (714) 602-3373
  • (UK) +44 1543 878656

After your initial contact, we will send you a brief questionnaire to get the information necessary to schedule properly. When we have received a completed questionnaire from each person requesting services, a One Another staff member will contact you to work out scheduling.

How long will I need to plan for?

We use a short-term intensive model, normally scheduling services for between one day and one week. The staff member who receives your information will determine the amount of time to schedule for you. How soon do I need to schedule a visit? We are normally fully scheduled two to three months in advance, though we can often make arrangements to see people much more quickly in crisis situations.

Where are the services provided?

When working with an individual, couple, or small team, the services are normally provided at our ministry centre located in central England. However, when working with larger teams or entire organizations, we are available to travel and work at the point of need.